Branding: First Impressions Count

Make sure that your branding delivers the desired message.

A company’s branding can often be a deciding factor for consumers. Poor branding can often deter potential customers away from a perfectly good product or service, that is why we are so thorough in our branding process. Whether you want brand creation for a completely new venture or want to embark on a rebrand for a pre-existing company, we follow what we believe to be crucial steps:

Consultative Approach

The first step is to have a briefing meeting to discuss what is required. As branding experts, we have the confidence to design an overall winning strategy to build your brand.  However, we have to ensure that we have a clear understanding of your business and your message.  You will meet with one of our creative consultants, so that we can get a better idea of the direction you would like to take with your branding.

Concepts and Directions

Great branding is a process, not an instant result. After we have had a briefing meeting and performed industry and competitor research we will then create initial direction concepts. The feel of each concept may vary dramatically, but this is a necessary step. The concepts are created to identify a design direction which can then be refined, rather than a finished product.

Refinement of Concepts

Once a design direction has been decided, we can then use this direction to refine the branding. A great logo is important in the overall brand development, but is not purely the focus.  A good brand is pervasive throughout a company and should therefore be created to fit all possible situations. Our designers and consultants will help refine the branding until you have something that you are proud of and excited to bring to the marketplace.

Brand Identity

A brand is not just a logo (although a logo can have a significant effect on a brand!). It is the whole brand experience, from first impressions right through to purchasing decisions and the lifecycle of the product or service. Our designers understand that every piece of collateral, from the website menu to business cards creates your brand identity. We consult with clients on their brand identity, assessing their target market and buyer personas to ensure that anything that we create for our clients only serves to improve their brand identity and provide a return.

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