We understand what it takes to create a comprehensive search engine optimization campaign and execute it. We incorporate all facets of digital media to get you to the top of Google so that you can capitalize on highly targeted traffic.

Local SEO Experts

Localized Media are different than most Digital Marketing and SEO agencies. Transparency is required with our honest and open approach to search engine optimization. Local Search Optimization requires specialized understanding of the factors that are important to ranking.  We understand the complexities behind a great campaign, and that for it to be successful in the highly competitive digital sphere that every aspect must be perfect. We are also fully committed to educating our clients so that both parties completely understand what is needed, agree with the process and can work together towards the same goal. We don’t try to hide behind industry jargon!

Industry Best Practices

In an SEO environment where too many companies are having their websites ruined by unreputable SEO agencies, we only run campaigns that follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Furthermore, we are completely transparent about our processes and the work we are completing so that our clients do not feel left in the dark. We have never had a client (past or present) receive a Google penalty – something which we are incredibly proud of.

There are over 200 ranking factors that the major search engines take into account when deciding where to place your site. Our local SEO company makes sure your site can compete. We ensure getting to the top of those results is both simple and affordable for small businesses.  Local Search, Website Development, Local SEO are all based strictly a consulting strategy designed to build your brand presence in your Local Market.

Added Value

We view SEO campaigns as high value exposure for clients, resulting in organic growth.  Forget thousands of spammy links or keyword stuffing,  It is our job as an SEO agency to generate great exposure for our clients and grow their digital presence. Everything we do takes into consideration the value that it has for the user experience. This might be in the form of creating in depth articles which will be of interest to industry peers or customers, or utilizing our design team to create link bait pieces to be pushed through social platforms. Whatever it might be, it will be vetted to ensure that not only does it provoke the necessary interest from third parties, but will also be in line with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Locally Focused

Our SEO experts have considerable experience working with all types of SEO campaigns; local, national and international. However, Localized Media focuses on making your business stand out in your Local Market.  Local Rank Factors are used to help your business stand out in the Search Engines.  We are experts at making your business visible!

Your competitors are standing out because they realize how important online presence is in today’s business landscape.  Don’t miss out on customers that are looking for you!  We can help…


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