Video Marketing, Distribution and SEO

At Localized Media, we believe strongly in the power of online video marketing and we know what it takes to successfully produce, distribute, market, and optimize video.  We do all we can to educate our clients on the best practices for effective online video marketing, but we realize that not everyone is equipped with the proper resources to do it themselves.We can offer a unique combination of high-definition video production services, optimized video (VSEO) services and targeted online video advertising to increase your brand visibility and sales using the power of online video marketing.

Why Video Marketing?

Video on your website is essential.  Viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video.  (Source:  Internet Retailer)  Having video on your website will keep clients on your site longer, and sharing those videos on your Social Channels will increase your click-through rates.  These lead to sales!

We establish your brand on major video sharing sites with a consistent message and design. We then optimize and market your video using our industry leading video optimization techniques and distribute it across your Social Channels.  This allows users to see your videos on sites that they already use, like YouTube, while simultaneously making it easier for them to discover you on the search engines like Google.

Video Production

Every successful video marketing campaign begins with high quality video production. Video production can include corporate profiles, direct response videos, viral video, testimonials, product tutorials, branded entertainment and more.  We have the resources to produce incredibly high-quality video production services for your business or brand, targeted to your local business.  You don’t have to be a national brand to have great video!

Video Advertising & Promotion

We are able to serve your advertisements to a highly targeted demographic and utilize advanced performance metrics to measure and improve your campaign ROI.

There are many different ways to get your video advertisements in front of your target audience, especially in the digital space.  We work with brands to determine what their goals are with an advertising campaign, then we work backwards from there to formulate a strategy to meet those goals. When you win, we win.

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